10 November 2008

Super Wednesday

A brief update:

Last week we watched the election results on tv with great anticipation. Desi and Dolley got bored and gnawed on each other and some squeaky toys. Leah passed out after a ba-ba, and we took her to bed. Naomi drifted off shortly after PA was decided. Zac insisted, "I'm up, I'm up," as the election wound down. And Sam and traci and I continued to speculate until president-elect Obama earned that 235th electoral vote.

In the morning, when I woke Naomi, before she even opened her eyes, she stretched way out and said, "Who won the president?" I said, "Obama." She said, "Oh." I said, "Are you excited to have a new president?" She yawned for a long time, then said, "Not really. It's not like he's going to come to our house or something."

Which reminded me that I am going to be old enough to run for president in four years, though I won't be old enough until after the primaries, so it might be a moot point. So, that being said, expect to see me running in 2016 on my I-promise-to-come-to-your-house platform. And make sure you have a futon ready for me, because I'll probably stay for a while.


Jeffrey said...


Jeffrey said...

Why you never post more updates, is what I wonder.